Select The Best Bedwetting Alarm


The term bedwetting, medically known as nocturnal enuresis, is not a health disorder as many of us think. This is a habit that can be cured over a period. Parents whose kids are having this habit can always read malem bed wetting alarm reviews so that they can seek an easy solution to curb this habit. According to children over the age of six can get benefitted with the bedwetting alarms that are being sold in the commercial market.

Many parents consult medical doctors to find a solution for the habit of bedwetting of their kids. Few of these doctors prescribe few drugs for such kids. Too much of these drugs are considered to be dangerous for the children, and hence one can try the bedwetting alarm. This article is about educating the parents about this gadget which is available on the market.

The real reason for the bedwetting is still not known, and as per experts this habit of bedwetting in kids is said to be synchronization of deep sleeping patterns and the excess accumulation of urine in the bladder. A bedwetting alarm assists the kids to respond when the bladder gets filled fully. Also, the alarm induces the kids to get up from their deep sleep and even alter the sleep cycle. According to experts, these electronic alarms help the bedwetters in training their brains to react when they have full bladders. In short, this gadget breaks the deep sleep cycle of the kids and makes them visit toilet when their bladders are full.

There are three types of best bedwetting alarms:

There are mainly three types of bedwetting alarms available in the market, and few details of these gadgets are discussed below for the benefit of the concerned parents.

Wearable type: This is type commonly used where the small gadget can be easily attached to the underwear. The alarm reacts as soon as a drop of urine is touched the device which has a moisture sensor in it. This type is said to be cost effective and available in abundance in all the markets.

Bed & Pad type: In this type of alarm, the sensor is designed in the form of a pad that can be placed beneath the sleeper. When the kid starts urinating the moisture get detected, and the device makes the alarm to sound. The pad used here is a waterproof one so that the device will not be affected by the urine. This type seems to be the best option for kids who are not interested in wearing the gadget. This type can also be used for older people who are facing the issue of bedwetting.

Wireless type alarm: This is the latest type which contains a base unit and a transmitter. The moisture sensor triggers the transmitter which is attached to the pad, and the alarm in the base unit produces a sound which is generally fixed to the wall. The alarm wakes up the child to go to the toilet.

Parents can choose any one of these types and make use of the right one for their kids.